Thanks for nominating Nifti’s Book.

Check out their wonderful blogs and fall in-love:

Happinessisnotadisease Thank you Jenn, you are a wonderful young woman, and incredibly talented.

Boomie BolThank you Bunmi, you’ve renewed my faith in the good of womankind. You are amazing.

SharingmemyselfandiThank you kind ma’am, you are full of wisdom.

ClintonSpel – Thanks sir, I appreciate you!

Datingbitch – Thanks Darl! PS: Check out her blog to read about body parts, and other hilarious commentaries.

Boomie BolThanks for the sunshine award, you are still amazing 🙂 PS: check out her poems, they are the absolute best. Especially her Sunday rendezvous 😉

Peyton85 – Thanks for the sunshine award, your blog’s got the best video collection. PS: check it out!

Reading Pleasure – Thanks for nominating me for the commentator award Celeste. You certainly deserve it as you take your time to comment on many many posts. Please continue so I can keep reading 🙂

thesubterraneanworld – A Mrs. Sparkly’s 10 Commandments Award!?! 😀 LOL. Love your blog. Really different and Kool!


… This is where I lost track.