she dreamed a sweet dream. where she stood beside her beloved. the image of everlasting peaceful love filled her soul…

– in these times? good luck finding Mr. Right.

I only speak of the lessons life teach.
I am not jaded. At least, not yet.

My Story

I was a scrawny little girl in grade 5 when a boy picked on me because I was the easiest girl to bully. I remember he grabbed at me, and pulled my dress up. I punched back. When the teacher stood us in front of the class and gave us each seven whacks of her whip, I cried like a baby. [I only had to hold out my palm. The unfortunate boy however, was struck on his backside; and I learnt a valuable lesson]:

Do let boys take responsibility.

I remember my first kiss chased me for almost a mile around the streets in our neighborhood.

These days, the boys are just too lazy.

Take the man who meets me once and texts – instead of calling – to ask me out; or calls after 10 pm as if my job is to wait up for him. And the man who talks about marriage after one week of knowing me; or the man who calls once a week to ask why I haven’t called him. Worse yet is the foolish man who expects to be invited into my home because he’s counted 3 dates… in 3 months!

Is chivalry truly dead?

Lola’s Story

Lola is this girl I know who lost herself for years to Mr. Potential and irresponsible Mr. Bullshit. – While she fell in-love, they enjoyed the benefits of loving her back. Her unbalanced relationships eventually took its toll, and one day – instead of whining – Lola sat down to write her rules:

Yes please! the ex, the mistake you made last week, the junk you put up last year– give it away; if it cost too much, sell it.

Back to my story

I’ve said that boys begin the dating game long before girls realize it is a game, and that the goal is to win – so I try to win too.

But I should have learnt another important lesson that day in grade 5:

Do not fight boys. –

Just let go.

Keep loving you.

Wait for Mr. Right,

and let him win.

This is me
PS: Life’s lessons are learned when our hearts heal.