Sitting quietly doing nothing. Spring comes and the grass grows by itself. ~ Zen.

I am the master of worry. I care what strangers think, and how coworkers feel. I plan every detail in my life long before the event is even  possible – I plan to marry at 30, and finish my PhD at 32.  I plan to have three kids. I complain that things don’t go as planned, and get angry when Mama responds, “Be grateful.” But, I did not plan our latest vacation. Mama and Sis did. And they failed to tell me there was no plan. I realize now that I’ve lived my entire life fretting over things that have been out of my control. I have missed out on so much because I have plans (that can’t always work out).

We entered St. Vincent and The Grenadines with no idea what we’d do. I felt knots, “Where are we going to stay? How much is this going to cost? Would we be comfortable?!” So far, we’ve seen all the towns on mainland (St. Vincent). We’ve seen several of the islands of the Grenadines. We managed to get a free boat ride to go snorkeling on a couple of the islands in the Tobago Cays. We stayed in a beautiful home overlooking the beach in Union Island for free! We got invited to a private beach party where we ate the most amazing  foods. We’ve seen the volcanic mountains and black sands of Chateaubelair. Gosh!…

 I wanna be

A rock star, a movie star, an astronaut.
I wanna be billionaire, an island, a village.
I wanna be a valley, a mountain, a gully.
I'll eat. I'll love. I'll live.

I'll do all the things I've said.
I'll chase dreams that never end.
Sail seas, climb rocks, eat grass.
Cry when I want.

Scream if I please. Give because I can.

Smile. I just will.

I wanna be free, so [freagin'] bad.

Every picture taken with my Apple tablet.
I got carried away.
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