My first trip to the Caribbean Islands; first stop Barbados. Quite an adventure and so much to see, so we start at Harrison’s Cave (named after Thomas Harrison who owned much of the land in the area). Touring the cave is an amazing experience.

Stalagmites with a view in Harrison’s Cave (Calcite formations growing up from the floor are called stalagmites).

I see a carnivore’s mouth in this formation. What do you see?

We spend well over our allotted time at the cave, but we want more. So we take a drive to see more sights.

The Portuguese called the island Los Barbados (The Bearded One), after they saw these Bearded Fig Trees from the coast.

Old Sugar Mills were used to process Sugar Cane in the 60s and the raw product from the canes sold in barrels. Now, Bajans have their own factories and export processed sugar.

Green ‘Canelilly’. Sometimes dried and used to make baskets and other crafts.

The yellow kind? Beautiful still.

Red Ginger Lilly. We saw some beautiful pink ones too.

Half the day is spent. Tummies are rumbling; luckily food is everywhere, and EVERYONE is incredibly welcoming and nice. Time to sit, chill and eat.

“Mami Apple” – Something of a cross between an apple and a mango.

This Roti – Curry beef and chicken with chic peas and potatoes, stuffed in baked split pea (tortilla-like) skins. Yum.

Enjoying the scenery some 200+ ft above sea level.

Goodbye Barbados. Until next time!

Next stop? St. Vincent and the Grenadines 🙂

All pictures taken with my new Apple tablet.