On August 24th, I followed in the footsteps of many bloggers, and challenged readers to find my lie. This challenge turned out to be a bit too much fun for me! The list you see is a compilation of somewhat odd events that have occurred throughout my existence and of course, one little fib.


 1.       I talk to 12 year-olds high on mushrooms and something blue every day.

This is unfortunately true. I work at a middle school, with high risk kids. It surprises me that they can afford half of the stuff they use.


2.      I’ve been mugged at gun point somewhere in ‘Mandiba Land’.

I was visiting a friend who was ‘studying abroad’ in Cape Town, South Africa. At about 6pm one day, we (against our better judgment) decided to take a short cut home and… well, the thieves made away with an old cell phone and a homemade purse.


3.      I was once kidnapped and hidden on a school bus.

The details of which will make for an awesome post.  I was 11 and my attacker was a perverted old man who happened to be a school bus driver.


4.      I owned a little piggy that wore a hat and lived in my backyard.

We never owned any animals growing up. I came up with little fib after some coworkers cracked some joke about a hat wearing Jewish bacon?


5.      I am called “my own”.

My birth name means My Own in English.


6.      I got lost in the smoke of 9/11.

I did. It was my first year in the States. I had gotten this new job on Wall Street, and I just happened to be lost when all the commotion started that morning. Then I got even more lost.


7.       I have skipped school to see a headless woman.

Yes. Her body was dumped by the train tracks behind the school grounds. This was the most gruesome killing, and the worst of all the dead bodies I’ve seen as a child.